Author: Amanda Chen


With a cast full of sexy bombshells like Justin Timberlake, Olivia Wilde and Amanda Seyfried, I was expecting IN TIME to be jam-packed with a substantial distribution of guns, sex, money and drugs. Instead, we get a trip to the future where we somehow condition ourselves to stop aging at 25 (at the cost of having to pay for every minute after). I feel like we took a trip down memory lane with costumes like a Bond movie, a set like a horror movie, a story like Robin Hood and a couple like Bonnie and Clyde. And of course, mixing a million things into a single dysfunctional film only makes one big complete waste of time.


All I really know about Alexandre Dumas’ tale of The Three Musketeers is that age-old phrase, “All for one, and one for all.” I was assuming something in the likes of ROBIN HOOD but with the light humor of A KNIGHT’S TALE (remember the ‘We will rock you’ track?) since we’re watching a movie set in the medieval times in 3D. We can’t get any more modern without spaceships, although a flying ship battle gets pretty close!


Knowing I’m about to watch one of the lowest-budget horror flicks imaginable with nauseatingly shaky camera shots, I prepared for the worst (I can already feel the motion sickness creeping up). But it’s true when they say the third time’s a charm — PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3 effectively gives you everything you want, but with charming comedic moments. Although we’re all ready to get scared, it was a lot more dynamic with the cast and scenes this time around.


Being a part of the latter half of a typical urban society that chooses not to vote not because I’m undecided but simply because I don’t care, I’m watching THE IDES OF MARCH for sexy characters and dark drama. With a title based off the killing of Julius Caesar by his own party, you’re just waiting for Ryan Gosling and George Clooney to get dirty.


Notorious for THE HOUSE BUNNY and SCARY MOVIE, I was expecting an awkward, unfunny and unfortunately un-relatable Anna Faris along with a frequently naked Chris Evans in WHAT’S YOUR NUMBER? Well, I obviously got the latter. But Anna Faris’ comedic and adorable personality actually made this rom-com decent.


By the very presence of ‘idiot’ in the title, one might incorrectly surmise that they would be in for another obnoxious, crude and disappointingly flat viewing experience with Paul Rudd’s latest film, OUR IDIOT BROTHER. But, surprisingly that simply is not the case. You’re safe, this is not DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS. Focusing its follies on real life situations and very solid stereotypical archetypes, you might actually learn something valuable in this movie.


As a true fan of tear-filled romances in the likes of TITANIC and THE NOTEBOOK, I held high hopes for ONE DAY.


We obviously can’t have a scary movie in this century without huge explosions, flying objects and blood squirting in our faces. Right from the beginning, FINAL DESTINATION 5 obnoxiously boasts its expensive technological advances in CGI with an excruciatingly long opening credits involving a random series of broken glass, bloody fingers, skulls and just about any spiked objects you can possibly pierce through a body. Okay, I got my fix, I’m ready to leave now.


Oh Law, we gone done it again. Don’t worry, THE HELP doesn’t sing like ‘Oprah.’ Sure, we’re going back in time to 1962 Jackson, Mississippi, but don’t expect a sob story written out with sour tears and pitiful sighs. Unpredictably enough, writer-director Tate Taylor is a masterful puppeteer for wrapping an amazing cast of vibrant women with the perfect dose of comedy, drama and surprise.


My expectations for THE CHANGE-UP were set, like many unsuspecting public transit riders, by the cutesy ads that have smeared our subways for the past several weeks: Ryan Reynolds, our sexy and dangerous protagonist, switches lives with Jason Bateman, the established, successful (and probably pretty boring) foil.