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THE IMPERIALISTS ARE STILL ALIVE! should be put up against a wall and shot. The creative team should be renditioned back to Filmmaking 101 for purgatory. It’s another film about the international trustfund set of artistes and bored offspring of business class elites who like to be play at being liberal and “freedom fighters” (see 1970s terrorist chic) while daddy pays their rent and bar tabs.


Gregg Araki meets Mumblecore Quebec-style with an homage to the Nouvelle Vague. The soundtrack, particularly Dalida’s ‘Bang Bang’ is the reason to see the film.


Preparing lunch for your kids can be a hassle with one OCDing for PBJ 5 days a week and picky Priscilla who wants everything red on one day and green the next (with the crusts cut off and sandwiches in triangle shapes). As a parent you have one goal and that is to prepare something nutritious they will eat and an empty lunch box for easier cleaning when they get home from school.


Kyocera’s The Echo is manufactured exclusively for Sprint. Similar to an Android smartphone, it instead features a hinge that allows it to morph quickly from a single to dual-screen device. Two batteries are included.

TOP 10 FILMS OF 2010

The year of 3D has been mainly a dud (outside of jacked up ticket prices especially for the faux-IMAX screens) – it’s the story, stupid. The best 3D film I saw is listed below (alas you’ll most likely never get to see it projected on a big screen like I did, twice). It’s adapted from the Jan Matejko painting, 10 x 17 feet, depicting the 1410 battle between the Teutonic Knights and an alliance of Poles & Lithuanians — it was the largest battle of the Middle Ages even dwarfing Agincourt.