At the recent Super Bowl in Indianapolis, Madonna proved that just because you have an AARP card doesn’t mean that you can’t perform with the same vim and vigor that you always have. Her acrobatic dance moves and strong voice seemed to be identical to when she was touring to promote her first album nearly thirty years ago.

The one thing that has changed is her record label. After being synonymous with Warner Brothers Records, Madonna left for Interscope last year and this is her debut for her new company. The standout tracks are her first single, and the song that she performed at Super Bowl XLVI, “Give Me All Your Luvin,’” her tune about her divorce from Guy Ritchie, “I Don’t Give A,” and a pretty pair of ballads, “Masterpiece” and “Falling Free.” We could all live happily however without “Gang Bang,” a tune in which a foul-mouthed Madonna fantasizes about shooting an ex-lover.