We all want to eat healthier, but time constraints and the alluring temptations of fast food outlets prevent many of us from joining the Slow Food Movement (,,  Thankfully, there are enough widely distributed products in the marketplace for everyone to have a delicious meal, done quick (I’m not talking microwave) all the while keeping the bad cholesterol away.  Some of the companies below are able to fulfill mail orders for bulk purchases so stock up now for use today, tomorrow and for future camping trips and emergencies.

Annie’s Homegrown ( – A long time personal favorite, the mac & cheese has no chemical orange and is available in a multitude of flavors.  Like Newman’s Own, Annie’s is expanding their product line into cereal, cookies, crackers and fruit snacks.

Tasty Bite ( – A recent discovery, especially when it comes to their rices and multigrain pilaf that are available in boil pouches that take only 5 minutes.  They have a large selection of heat & eat entrees and vegetarian dishes ranging from Indian to Thai.

Super Kohinoor ( – Vegetarian Indian dishes in boil pouches available in mild, medium and spicy recipes.

Newman’s Own ( – Paul Newman’s legacy is more than just that of a movie star, his charity driven food company has donated over $280 Million to thousands of charities since 1982.  They’ve been turning out interesting food items for nearly 30 years.  Starting with pasta sauces, the product line includes, among other items, salad dressings, lemonade, cereals, popcorn and now frozen pizzas and wine.

Desert Pepper Salsa Sauce ( – Hands down the best salsa in the general marketplace bar none.  I’ve tried every widely distributed available and unequivocally vouch for this product.  The secret to salsa is to put the jar in the refrigerator for a week as the cold intensifies the taste when finally used.

Steaz ( – The organic green tea products company with iced tea, soda and energy drinks in their roster.  All products are Fair Trade and vegan.  I usually don’t like energy drinks but with Steaz I was impressed as there was none of the aftertaste usually associated with this product category.