TOP 10 FILMS OF 2007

Shocking as it may seem, 2007 was the first year I’ve seen less than 500 films in theatres/screening rooms (I remember when that number neared 2000…)  Could it be all those atrocious films released that I for once decided not to waste two hours of my life on?

Unlike years past, every one of the films on my list have had some type of screening in NYC.  Break out those Freedom Fries, four French films made my list.  As usual, some of them (4 this year) do not have a US distributor.


Top 10 Films Of 2007



Jiri Menzel’s I Served The King Of England [Czech Republic]

Paul Cronin’s In The Beginning Was The Image: Conversations With Peter Whitehead [Documentary] [England]

Anton Corbijn’s Control [England]

David Fincher’s Zodiac

Bill Guttentag & Dan Sturman’s Nanking [Documentary]

Rachid Bouchareb’s Days Of Glory aka Indigenes [France]

Guillaume Canet’s Tell No One [France]

David Sington’s In The Shadow Of The Moon [Documentary]

Vincent Paronnaud & Marjane Satrapi’s Peresopolis [Animation] [France]

Xavier Giannoli’s The Singer [France]


Best Actor – Gerard Depardieu (The Singer)

Best Actress – Ellen Page (Juno)

Best Supporting Actor – Robert Downey Jr. (Zodiac)

Best Supporting Actress – Michelle Pfeiffer (Hairspray)

Best Director – David Fincher (Zodiac)

Best Screenplay – Guillaume Can’t, Harlan Coben, Philippe Lefebvre (Tell No One)

Best Cinematography – Martin Ruhe (Control)