Running Time:  152 mins.                      Rating: x Stars/5 Stars

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Director: Christopher Nolan

Genre: Action/Crime/Drama

Country: USA

Language: English

Distributor: Warners

Cast: Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Aaron Eckhart, Michael Caine, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, Cillian Murphy, Eric Roberts, Anthony Michael Hall, Monique Gabriela Curnen, Michael Jai White, William Fichtner, Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister


Madness is like gravity; all it takes is a little push. If you were impressed with Cillian Murphy’s Scarecrow, get ready for a truly horrifying performance about a guy who can’t be swayed by money or power – The Joker, portrayed by the incredible Heath Ledger. The living symbol of chaos, he just wants to see the human race fall apart.

The most breath-taking thing about this movie is how intensely it sucks you in to this other world. It continues to challenge the audience with psychologically thrilling teases that leave you in absolute awe. This film tests our limits as humans through a selection of terrible social experiments conducted by the Joker, ensuring the audience is literally sitting on the edge of their seat anticipating the next steps to his master plan. However this can never be figured out until the big picture is laid out. Possibly the most magical scene is during a breaking point among a boat filled with civilians and a boat filled with criminals. At the end of the day we’re all the same person. This type of thinking gives you goose bumps by its unfiltered realness, but gives you some relief with the fantastical chain of events in Gotham.

Quite possibly the scariest thing in this film is how comfortably sane the Joker appears on screen. He just knows exactly what buttons to push to make human puppets out of everyone he encounters. I think the greatest part about Christopher Nolan’s villains is they’re not just some superficial evil character out of a book. They’re realistic enough to come out on tomorrow’s breaking news and that is what really hooks you in. The story centers on the new DA, Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) who seems to be Gotham’s white knight in shining armor, throwing in all the bad guys in one big sweep. Turns out the Joker has better plans for him and towards the second half we see him as Two-Face. You definitely don’t want to mess with a guy who’s got nothing left to lose. As the Joker says, “You see, in their last moments, people show you who they really are. Would you like to know which of them were cowards?”

I’m glad they replaced Katie Holmes with Maggie Gyllenhaal for the part of Rachel Dawes, but I’m still disappointed with how lame the women are portrayed in the series. Does Rachel have to date every sucker for justice? And her career is pretty much completely built up around it. She continues to stand in the way as the perpetual ‘weakness’ that all heroes have, but there’s only one dramatic kiss and there’s really not enough build-up to make it believable. Let’s hope the last female character in the planned trilogy will make up for the last two

There’s never a dull moment with all the eerily genius ploys the Joker makes with his army of hesitant minions. The costumes are sensational, the technology is on a whole new level, but the music takes the cake in making this a truly magical film. However, I’d talk to Joker about changing up some things with the burning money and bomb threats. He had the potential to do some greater damage with more creative action sequences. I’m sure the next villain in the next chapter will have plenty more options for destruction!


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