Paul McCartney




Paul McCartney certainly has nothing to prove at this point but he still looks and sounds quite spry at age 71. He has certainly worked hard at promoting it as he gave impromptu concerts in Times Square and at the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts in Astoria.

The appropriately titled “New” is not going to make anyone forget his 1974 masterpiece LP, “Band On the Run,” but tracks such as “Queenie Eye,” “Save Us,” and title cut, “New,” prove that McCartney is certainly not too old to rock out.

“On My Way To Work” is one of those observational looks at everyday life in the vein of his 1966 hit, “Penny Lane.” while “Appreciate” has the avant-garde feel of “A Day In The Life.”

While this is not McCartney’s best album it is also far from his worst. No one can accuse him of coasting on his name.