Running Time: 90 mins.                     Rating: 1 Star/5 Stars

MPAA Rating: NR

Director: Anthony Felton

Genre: Drama/Music

Country: Puerto Rico/USA

Language: English and Spanish w/English subtitles

Distributor: Felton Entertainment

Cast: Raul Carbonell, Patricia Manterola, Joana Vargas, Luis Jose Lopez, Renoly Santiago, Jaime Sanchez, India, Jesus Ruiz, Luz M. Fuentes

Film Festival Review


Makes EL CANTANTE look like an Academy-Award caliber film.

Hector Lavoe was a complicated brilliant artist who deserves better than films like this and the Marc Antony-Jennifer Lopez fiasco EL CANTANTE. The current poster for the film is titled THE KING OF SALSA: THE UNTOLD STORY OF HECTOR LAVOE and implies that the film is a documentary which alas it is not. To see Lavoe at his prime, watch CELIA CRUZ & THE FANIA ALLSTARS IN AFRICA which was reissued in the US on DVD by Geneon Entertainment in 2002. This film is an embarrassment to all the real-life individuals from the period such as Willie Colon, Johnny Pacheco, Joe Cuba, Yomo Toro and Pete ‘El Conde’ Rodriguez.

None of the actors accomplish anything more than chewing the scenery and emoting under the hackneyed direction of Anthony Felton and the equally bad cinematography of Hernan Herrera. The one worthy surprise was an extra, Luz M. Fuentes, who is stunningly beautiful and more than willing to undress for the good of the film sales effort.


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