TOP 10 FILMS OF 2010

The year of 3D has been mainly a dud (outside of jacked up ticket prices especially for the faux-IMAX screens) – it’s the story, stupid.  The best 3D film I saw is listed below (alas you’ll most likely never get to see it projected on a big screen like I did, twice).  It’s adapted from the Jan Matejko painting, 10 x 17 feet, depicting the 1410 battle between the Teutonic Knights and an alliance of Poles & Lithuanians — it was the largest battle of the Middle Ages even dwarfing Agincourt.

This is the trailer:

The one side effect, at least to me, is that the 3D technology puts me to sleep almost every time (and that’s even for the films I liked) for 10-15 minutes somewhere during the film no matter what time the screening I am attending — 10A, 2P, 6P etc.  I recently saw two 3D films on the same day and think I’ve figured out what may help.  When I started to doze off I took the glasses off for a minute or two and then my eyes reset themselves.

This news article about Nintendo 3-D may help explain what I’ve been saying all along:

On a good note, I’ve done my best to skip most of the atrocious films that were released (or screened at that multitude of film festivals that play NYC, most of which are badly promoted) so my film viewed count is the lowest it’s been in years.  I’m tempted to do a Top 10 Worst Films of 2010, but I’ll be nice and do like Thumper (you know who you are mumblecorers).


Top 10 Films Of 2010

(315 Films)


A Prophet [France]

I Love You, Philip Morris

Barney’s Version

Battle Of Grunwald [3D] [Poland]

Protector [Czech Republic]

Who is Harry Nilsson (And Why Is Everybody Talkin’ About Him)? [Documentary]

Nowhere Boy

Cool It [Documentary]

Outside The Law [France/Algeria]

Phil Ochs: There But For Fortune [Documentary]


Best Actor – Kevin Spacey (Casino Jack)

Best Actress – Demi Moore (The Joneses)

Best Supporting Actor – Niels Arestrup (A Prophet)

Best Supporting Actress – Hafsia Herz (The King Of Escape)

Best Director – Jacques Audiard (A Prophet)

Best Screenplay – Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network)

Best Cinematography  – Miloslav Holman (The Protector)