Running Time: 128 mins.                    Rating: 4 Stars/5 Stars

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Director: Guy Ritchie

Genre: Action/Adventure/Crime

Country: USA/Germany

Language: English

Distributor: Warner Brothers

Cast: Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law, Rachel McAdams, Mark Strong, Eddie Marsan, James Fox

I regret to admit that through my life so far I still haven’t read a single Sherlock Holmes story. But yet I know all about it! I know Doyle’s writing style from his fantastic display of deduction and logic to the sad and lonely detective figure too in love with his work to see the big picture that clouds his life.

In every detective story, there’s always a murder case and a love affair with the detective that distracts him from getting further in his work. Sound familiar? I think our lives mirror detective fiction way more than any other genre. The techniques are so simple and relatable it can’t be ignored. No wonder mystery novels are still the best selling genre!

The first thing about mystery novels is its constant reference to itself. The mockery of detective fiction techniques is on full blast with Robert Downey Jr.’s display of Sherlock Holmes. The man is obsessed with logic and finds himself falling out of reality and through the fantastical mystery with Sir Blackwood does he finally get back on his feet and tackle the unexplainable with confidence.

It’s nearly 2010 and movies are portraying these old stories in extremely vivid, colourful and sexy cinema. Sherlock Holmes is really a superhero in this movie! And his martial arts skills are ridiculous! His body is glistening and his mind is unbelievable. His deductions are spoken in extra-fast, clear and proper language it leaves the audience overwhelmed from the specificity of his speech. Perhaps it’ll make us try to master the English language in all its dimensions.

Moreover, I can’t help but notice the intense allusion to Religion and status in society in the Sherlock Holmes movie. The dark arts, the unexplainable, the cults, all these concepts that Holmes is first tricked and then reveals how easily we can be tricked. So whom should we believe? Is logic the only answer, or are there still things above human reasoning? I love detective fiction because although one mystery may be solved, there’s always another question that comes up. Sequel? I think so.

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