Running Time: 105 mins.                      Rating: x Stars/5 Stars

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Director: Neil Burger

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Country: USA

Language: English

Distributor: Relativity Media

Cast: Bradley Cooper, Robert DeNiro, Abbie Cornish, Anna Friel, Robert John Burke, Andrew Howard, Johnny Whitworth

This movie has a really awesome story line – it involves this crazy pill that allows you to access your entire brain! We can’t even imagine what we can accomplish…

Well Alan Glynn definitely thought about it. He thought about it a lot. Bradley Cooper plays a struggling writer named Eddie Morra who has a case of extreme writer’s block and gets his hands on this pill. He figures he’s got nothing left to lose and pops it in his mouth. All of a sudden his entire life changes.

He’s not high, he’s just wired; super-wired and can learn and do things a million times faster than usual. His dealer dies and he finds out that others that have taken the pill are either already dead or about to die. It’s still a drug with its generic side effects: death.

I feel like this movie is a confusion between a story about a drug addiction and being able to cross new boundaries. Eddie tries to go off the pill but realizes he can’t function without it, and his ex-wife took them and crashed within two years. Now she looks like an old hag and is 10x stupider than she used to be. Some trade-off, huh?

At the end of the movie Eddie somehow finds a way to re-engineer the drug and lives on as some super-human, sexy genius man. Totally unfair and defeats the purpose. A guy who’s at the brink of suicide takes a miracle pill that saves his life and gives him a newfound philosophy on things. The thing that I find weird is the ‘ultimate achievement’ is to be a Senator.

Forget writing an inspiring book, we have to kill the stock market and then take over the world by becoming what, the President? I’m sure if we used all our brains together (even just the 20%) we’d realize there’s more to life than that.

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