TOP 10 FILMS OF 2011

TOP 10 FILMS OF 2011

I was not at all impressed this year by most of the fiction films that were released, documentaries on the other hand had plenty of contenders.  In time, most of the “buzzed about” films will be forgotten.  I did not like most of Hugo but thought Scorsese did a fantastic job on the 3D, that’s what I’ve been waiting for with the technology.

For those of you about to crucify me for choosing Mel Gibson for Best Actor, it was his acting I was looking at and not his private life.  There’s an impressive new generation of actresses starting to bubble under the surface, a few of them short-listed for Supporting Actress, one  you will see is my choice for Best Actress.


Top 10 Films Of 2011

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Vidal Sassoon: The Movie [Documentary]

Cameraman: The Life & Work Of Jack Cardiff [Documentary]

Point Blank [France]

Even The Rain [Spain]

Carbon Nation [Documentary]

Ordinary Miracles: The Photo League’s New York [Documentary]

Our Home [Brazil]

Kill The Irishman

Buck [Documentary]

Urbanized [Documentary]


Best Actor – Mel Gibson (The Beaver)

Best Actress – Liana Liberato (Trust)

Best Supporting Actor – Christoph Walz (Carnage)

Best Supporting Actress – Sarah Silverman (Peep World)

Best Director – Martin Scorsese (Hugo)

Best Screenplay – Steve Zaillian & Aaron Sorkin (Moneyball)

Best Cinematography – Anthony Pun aka Yiu Ming Pun (Empire Of Silver)