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A pleasantly enhanced remake of the original 1941 Fritz Lang film MAN HUNT, starring Walter Pidgeon. On the good side it is more in keeping with Geoffrey Household’s novel. The major complaint I have is the quality of the master used to produce the DVD. It’s not only grainy; the print is faded and bleeds color, continuing into glitches in the picture as well as sound.


A rare gem of a movie coming out of remote Mongolia. We get a glimpse of life behind the picturesque beauty of this remote region of China filled with daily survival, tragedy, love, vulgar violence, abuse of power, revenge and so much more from an unexpected source.


CENTURION is the next step in the revival of the classic Roman Gladiator films of the 50’s & 60’s. Roman soldiers versus Britain’s Northern Pict Warriors in a deadly game of loyalty, bitter survival and sweet revenge.


Torture and desire combine in Chinese history with the practice of binding feet. Considered by some to be erotic, bound feet was another way of instilling patriarchal law of obedience to family first, husband second and children third upon females, long considered to be, at best, second class citizens.