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School’s out and healthy eating goes out the window. Or does it? Getting your kids out of the house and away from the tv and video games is your number one priority.


Preparing lunch for your kids can be a hassle with one OCDing for PBJ 5 days a week and picky Priscilla who wants everything red on one day and green the next (with the crusts cut off and sandwiches in triangle shapes). As a parent you have one goal and that is to prepare something nutritious they will eat and an empty lunch box for easier cleaning when they get home from school.


We all want to eat healthier, but time constraints and the alluring temptations of fast food outlets prevent many of us from joining the Slow Food Movement (,, Thankfully, there are enough widely distributed products in the marketplace for everyone to have a delicious meal, done quick (I’m not talking microwave) all the while keeping the bad cholesterol away. Some of the companies below are able to fulfill mail orders for bulk purchases so stock up now for use today, tomorrow and for future camping trips and emergencies.


After three full days of sampling some of the best foods in the world, and some mediocre wannabes, we have come up with our completely subjective list of the Top 10 New Food Discoveries. Agree with us, or not, the following food items will whet your appetite and encourage you to pester your local supermarket to expand their product selection.


An annual sporting ritual heralding Autumn is the US Tennis Open, where most folks were surprised to see Andy Roddick crash out in the first round this year. On his feet while he did were sneakers provided by his new apparel sponsor Babolat, a French athletics wear firm who had Roddick on hand to help them introduce their products in the US at a sumptuous luncheon at the Grand Hyatt Hotel on 42nd Street. Their manufacturing partner, the Gallic rubber giant Michelin, had a launch event of their own on November 2nd, when the long-anticipated Michelin Guide: New York City Restaurants & Hotels 2006 was presented at the Guggenheim Museum. 1000 First Edition numbered guides were made available to event attendees (I got # 759), and among them Wylie Dufresne told me he was “very pleased” with the one star awarded to his place WD~50. Less ecstatic was Daniel Bouloud, who opined that “they messed up the two stars, they messed up the one stars, but they got the three stars” – a comment on his ventures Daniel and Cafe Bouloud receiving one and two stars respectively. Assuming Le Bernardin’s three-star rating was satisfactory, I asked Eric Ripert how he liked the evening’s catering, supplied by Restaurant Associates; “I didn’t taste the food,” he tersely replied, which spoke for itself.