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Although all these complicated scenarios gave an honest portray of adult relationships, the happy ending ruined its authenticity. Fighting for what you consider your soulmate is a childish concept of love, accurately performed by Robbie, a thirteen-year-old in love with his babysitter. But it shouldn’t be the one thing we walk out of the theatre thinking, “Yeah, this is possible.”


Yes, it’s wedding season. It’s super stressful and supposedly super fun. If you’ve got a best friend that’s getting married you’ll definitely relate to this. The movie was pretty slow at first with a lot of ridiculously long moments, but if you’re used to ‘The Office’ you’ll know what’s going on. It’s getting retarded…deal with it.


I don’t know where to start on this movie. There was so much going on my head was literally spinning! If you’re looking for something to think about, talk about, discuss, ponder, whatever, this is your flick.


This movie has a really awesome story line – it involves this crazy pill that allows you to access your entire brain! We can’t even imagine what we can accomplish…


Overall, it’s a cute movie to watch, it’s relatable to everyone and there’s so many hilarious jokes and beautiful things to gawk over.


The first thing about mystery novels is its constant reference to itself. The mockery of detective fiction techniques is on full blast with Robert Downey Jr.’s display of Sherlock Holmes. The man is obsessed with logic and finds himself falling out of reality and through the fantastical mystery with Sir Blackwood does he finally get back on his feet and tackle the unexplainable with confidence.


So we know that TWILIGHT is one of the most renowned romance stories…ever. Watching these stories played out on the big screen makes it even more desirable, it makes me cringe in my seat as I watch the tale unfold.


Madness is like gravity; all it takes is a little push. If you were impressed with Cillian Murphy’s Scarecrow, get ready for a truly horrifying performance about a guy who can’t be swayed by money or power – The Joker, portrayed by the incredible Heath Ledger. The living symbol of chaos, he just wants to see the human race fall apart.


Jam-packed with sexy actors, cheeky banter and explosive action, Christopher Nolan’s BATMAN BEGINS re-paints this classic anti-hero comic by tackling the character’s childhood fears. Opening the film with an 8-year-old Bruce Wayne falling down a well welcomes the audience to the birth of an iconic symbol. “Why do we fall down? So we can learn to pick ourselves up,” is a recurring theme in the film that follows this tortured hero along the path to becoming a better person. More than just another comic book movie, BATMAN BEGINS will touch your heart and bring a shining hero down to earth.