After 9/11, there was a lot of talk about the need for people who could think about the unthinkable because no one could have imagined the Al-Qaeda plot so we were unprepared to defend against it, let alone prevent it. A suggestion was made; why not make use of the seemingly unlimited imagination for mayhem represented by Hollywood, (by which we mean, naturally, the film industry). I don’t think this was acted upon and I really find it difficult to visualize how this would happen. I think if the government ever tried to “go Hollywood” they’d make a tour of the usual suspects, Spielberg, Lucas, Bay etc. and after a suitable expenditure of expense money, go home. Sort of like the boss’s son in THE PLAYER who when he hits Hollywood wants to look up Meg Ryan. In other words, they weren’t really serious.

In fact, there is no information that is acceptable to the closed mind. And that’s who’s running things. They got to where they got by looking out for number one and job number one is looking out for their own ass.  And there are/were no consequences for screwing up 9/11, despite warnings because how could they have known?

I’m always fond of pointing out that Joseph Stalin had no less than five intelligence reports from five different and independent sources warning him of the day, the time and the place of the Nazi invasion of Russia. He rejected the information because he suspected it was planted by the British. Likewise I have just learned (and this is very obscure for most people) at the end of the 13th Century, the last crusader states, Tripoli and Acre, were warned that the Mamaluks were going to attack in force, information a crusader got from a highly placed emir whom he bribed.  Both cities refused to believe him. They were attacked by an overwhelming force they had not prepared for and fell. Thus, I think it will always be thus.

So, in fact, your government doesn’t really want you or anybody else to bring in non-standard information. When I heard about the “meltdown” of that Jet Blue pilot I was reminded of something and it wasn’t a “meltdown”. BTW, has anyone noticed that this psychotic outburst is referred to in the media solely as a “meltdown”? Very curious. But, back to the pilot. I recalled the episode of the stewardess several weeks ago and her “meltdown”. These weren’t called “meltdowns” in the Sixties, they were called “freakouts” and they occurred when someone had taken LSD. They were acid freakouts.

The freakouts were worse when the freakee had been dosed, that is slipped the LSD without their knowledge. By the ’70s I began to carry Thorazine around with me as I had been dosed before.

Now, I’m not suggesting that either the pilot or the stewardess dropped acid before taking their flights but I wondered, if I wanted to take down an airliner and I couldn’t get something like a bomb or a hijacker past security and on the plane, why not sabotage the crew? In 1999 an Egypt Air 767 was flown into the sea by a pilot (actually a relief first officer) who disengaged the auto pilot and said “It’s in the hands of God” (which he kept repeating) as he fought the pilot for control of the plane. A large number of the general staff of the Egyptian Army was on board which may or may not have been the motive. But it does bear thinking about, that terrorists could dose an entire flight crew.

Now it might seem a little paranoid to think of a terrorist plot based on dosing a flight crew with LSD; but if you want paranoid, what if the government ALREADY KNOWS. The government wants to charge the pilot with interfering with a flight crew which is very strange because as the captain he was in charge of the flight crew and locking him out of the cockpit was technically mutiny. It’s a very flimsy charge and won’t hold up in court not only from a legal standpoint but also because of the obvious diminished capacity of the accused. The government wants to keep him without bail, which must mean something. I even heard one man speak about keeping him off the streets for the rest of his life, as if he had actually committed a crime. Very strange, as if he were somehow the American Vanunu, whose very existence was a breach of security and needs to be hidden away.

Now I’m not saying the dosing drug is LSD. No doubt every government has come up with something that makes LSD look like Fourth of July sparklers. Actually our government knows the most about LSD being used to twist people’s minds as they did all of the experimentation in the ’50s with the MK ULTRA project.

But, if you want an alternative explanation about flight crews going crazy in public, we’ll have to wait for the government to put the Jet Blue pilot on trial, which I’m guessing will be never.