Considered to have the longest press reach of a publicist in the industry, Marilyn Stewart is one of the rare individuals in the entertainment business who is not interested in promoting her own interests, but rather immerses herself in a client’s project and thoroughly enjoys each that she accepts. Starting her career at the tender age of 17 with MGM, she was trained by the showmen of Hollywood’s Golden Age. In her 20s she was named Worldwide Head of Publicity & Promotion (today’s equivalent of Sr. Vice President) for Paramount Pictures. As with her many other firsts, she was the first woman to hold such a position in the motion picture industry.

“New York” magazine in an article on “power in the city and who has it,” spoke of public relations as one of the single most powerful forces in the city and in the country. It mentioned three people as best of the “new breed of imagemakers”, Marilyn Stewart was the only woman. Because of her work on “Love Story” and “The Godfather” which revolutionized the way movies were marketed, Martin A. Grove in “The Hollywood Reporter” profiled her in his column over an unprecedented three-day period. She is known affectionately in the industry as the ‘Godmother of the “Godfather”.’

Ms. Stewart’s wide ranging expertise uniquely qualifies her to design and implement campaigns that comprise or complement a total marketing strategy which she has applied to numerous motion pictures, television, publishing, causes and political campaigns. Among her many successes are endeavors for Lucasfilm, Bernardo Bertolucci, Volker Schlondorff, Fred Schepisi (“The Russia House”), Sam Waterston, Michael Moriarty, and the films “Lakeboat” (David Mamet), the Academy Award winner “The Tin Drum,” and the classic sports drama “Bang The Drum Slowly.”

Learning early in her career to balance work with personal interests, Ms. Stewart loves the theatre, reading, art, music and travel. Long regarding herself as a “citizen of the world,” Stewart has contributed her expertise to various causes. She worked with leaders such as Sen. George McGovern, Sen. John Glenn, and Frank Mankiewicz, has lectured at the New School, and is a voting member of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences.

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