Debra Baker, San Rafael

California filmmaker Debra Baker started out wanting to tell a story and, as an English major, she was acutely aware that most people don’t read books. After four years and six fundraising parties (she produced her first film with private donations) the fruit of her labors was an award winning documentary called “Broken Ties.” The doc is Baker’s personal story of being an unwed mother in 1967 having to give her baby up for adoption, and the life-long effect on birthmothers. The film, which she wrote, directed, produced, and edited has been broadcast on PBS stations across the country, local cable TV, and will be broadcast on WTN in Canada in 2002. “Broken Ties” has screened at numerous film festivals in the U.S. and the U.K. Debra Baker is a frequent presenter at adoption conferences in the U.S. and Canada where she screens “Broken Ties” and leads workshops. Born and raised in California, Baker lives in Marin County where she is editing her next project.

[Contact Info: PooteyPie@aol.com]

Tiffany Dang, Phoenix

Tiffany Dang has been writing feature screenplays since 1990. One of her screenplays, “Enigma” (formerly “In Too Deep”) was in the semifinals for the Writer’s Screenplay Competition (1996). Dang graduated with a film degree from Scottsdale College in 1993. At the 1993 Saguaro Film Festival, she won third place for her short, “Stings of Conscience.” Also in 1993, Dang formed Artemis Entertainment, which provides producing, script supervision, and editing services to various independent production companies based in the Greater Phoenix area. In May 1998 Dang directed the short “Torn,” which was named Best Asian- American Romantic Short Film at the 1998 New York International Independent Film Festival. In September 2000 Dang’s “Half-Sis” premiered to a sold out audience in Phoenix. Her next project, a romantic comedy, “Deceitfully Funny” is scheduled to begin production in January 2002.

[Contact info: artemisent@juno.com]

Toni Sherwood, Reseda

Toni Sherwood received a BA in Economics from the University of Chicago and an M.F.A. from Columbia College. Her first film “Under The Influence”, a dramatic short, won a Student Academy Award, premiered on PBS Image Union, was a finalist in the Bravo Community Cinema Competition, and screened at the Metroland International Film Festival and the Rochester International Film Festival. Her documentary short, “The Blue Banana,” was screened at Vanderbilt’s Sinking Creek Film Festival, and received second place in the Illinois Film & Video Festival. She recently completed her feature length documentary, “The Uncertainty Principle: Making Of An American Scientist.” It screened Opening Night at the St. Louis International Film Festival in addition to the 2001 New York International Independent Film Festival, 2001 Zoie Film Festival and 2001 Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival.

[Contact Info: Toni2001@aol.com]