Up All Night

by Carol Miller                                            



Any baby boomer that grew up listening to rock radio clearly knows Carol Miller who was a fixture on WPLJ and WNEW-FM in the 1970s and 1980s. Although, female air personalities are common in radio these days, Miller was a pioneer. Ironically, it was the late Alison Steele, the best-known female rock DJ, who tried to get Miller fired from WNEW according to the author.

Miller was born in Richmond Hill although her parents moved just across the Nassau border to New Hyde Park when she was in her teens. She constantly refers to herself as Carol from Queens in this autobiography and delightfully recalls dating a nice Jewish boy from Queens named Stan Eisen, better known to most as KISS guitarist Paul Stanley.

Carol, who gave up going to med school after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania in order to pursue her radio dreams, presents the glamorous side of the business (the parties and the opportunity to rub shoulders with top-tier rock stars as Paul McCartney, Rod Stewart and Steven Tyler) but also the downside such as the lack of job security.

“Up All Night” is a nice breezy read until Miller describes the history of breast cancer in her family and how she is a survivor of the disease. She talks about how her union health insurance plan saved her life and you cringe when you read about how the only thing she worried about when she lost a job was how to keep her insurance.

“Up All Night,” whose title is derived for her longtime air shift, is a candid peak at the radio business. Miller incidentally can still be heard these days on SiriusXM.