Elton John

“The Diving Board”



Elton John was the biggest rock star of them all in the early to mid-1970s. As disco music started dominating the pop charts in the late 1970s, combined with the success of such bands as Fleetwood Mac and the Eagles, Elton’s star dimmed. To his credit, he was able to rebound nicely in the mid 1980s and kept making hits through the 1990s.

Elton and his longtime collaborator, lyricist Bernie Taupin, are prolific on the new album, “The Diving Board,” as it contains 15 tracks. Now in their mid 60s, the two are in a reflective mood as they are concerned about being isolated as they age (“Can’t Stay Alone Tonight”) and a number of tunes about childhood homes both real and illusory (“A Town Called Jubilee”, “Voyeur,” and “Home Again.”)

The highlight of the album is “Take This Dirty Water” in which Elton has a gospel chorus singing behind him on a melody that reminds one a bit of 1971’s “Country Comforts.”

Longtime Elton fans will not be disappointed with “The Diving Board.”