What can be better than hot sauce and beer? I went down to Jimmy’s #43 at 43 E. 7th St. [] for the press preview of the 2nd Annual NYC Hot Sauce Expo. Now my limit is two of anything but unfortunately I had five at Jimmy’s. Maybe six.

Jimmy’s serves the greatest craft beers. I had five, all different. One brand was called Disqualified Porter. My first one was a Kelso Pilsner, which they ran out of pretty quick. There were dozens of different hot sauces and Norwegian Jarlsberg cheese and beef sandwiches to test them. Some were hotter than others, some were more tasty. All of them drove me to the bar for another beer.  My favorite for the night was Maritime Madness from PEI. Also notable were The Reaper, Dirty Dicks, and Fisher & Wieser’s Texas Pit BBQ Sauce. You know, maybe I had a sixth, a bottle of Lagunitas Sucks, something or other.

And oh, by the way, Jimmy’s is the perfect place to take a date, if your date likes beer. It’s small, intimate and comfy enough that it doesn’t attract frat boys by the dozen or other lager louts. There’s not enough room. And the sound level is low enough that you don’t have to shout everything.

If you’re in New York the weekend of March 29th & 30th plan to check this out: