TOP 10 FILMS 2022

Films have been tanking left and right in their 2022 theatrical runs.  Some rightly deserved to but others shouldn’t have if people bothered to show up to the empty theaters and watched movies the way they were meant to be seen.  I estimate that of the 20% of the films I saw in theaters this year I was the only one in the audience, some with hundreds of seats.  If you’re still afraid of contracting COVID-19, the flu or Monkey Pox (oh wait, they changed the name as some primate activist group said it hurt their feelings) go to the early shows or even afternoon shows midweek when nobody are in the theaters except for the diehard movie buffs, yours included.


Movies should be watched on the big screen, otherwise we call them tv movies, movies-of-the-week or direct-to-video (now dvd) titles.  If a distributor doesn’t have faith in a semi-wide theatrical release they don’t deserve to enter the film for an Academy Award, we have the Emmys for them.  The streamers who are still pussyfooting around on their “limited runs” are really only trolling for reviews from the quote whores the way video labels did back in the day.  They don’t deserve a golden statue either.


Top 10 Films Of 2022

(473 Films)



The Outfit


American Pain [Documentary]

Turning Red [Animation]

Gangubai Kathiawadi [India]

Argentina, 1985 [Argentina]

Who We Are: A Chronicle Of Racism In America [Documentary]

Gamestop: Rise Of The Players [Documentary]

Neptune Frost [US/Rwanda/France/Canada]


Best Actor – Denis Menochet (Peter Von Kant)

Best Actress – Alia Bhatt (Gangubai Kathiawadi)

Best Supporting Actor – Daniel Radcliffe (The Lost City)

Best Supporting Actress – Hong Chau (The Whale)

Best Director – Graham Moore (The Outfit)

Best Screenplay – Jonathan McClain & Graham Moore (The Outfit)

Best Cinematography – Haris Zambarloukos (Death On The Nile)