Running Time: 80 mins.                    Rating: 4 Stars/5 Stars

MPAA Rating: NR

Director: Ochir Mashbat

Genre: Drama

Country: Mongolia

Language: Mongolian with English subtitles

Distributor: Cinema Epoch

Cast: Natsagdorj Battsetseg, Purevdorj Tserendagva, U. Batbaatar, Dorjgotov Gantsetseg

A rare gem of a movie coming out of remote Mongolia.  We get a glimpse of life behind the picturesque beauty of this remote region of China filled with daily survival, tragedy, love, vulgar violence, abuse of power, revenge and so much more from an unexpected source.

The story is about the life and tribulations of two outcasts in the remote regions of rural Mongolia under China’s corrupt regional power structure.  We have Jinjiimaa (Natsagdorj Battsetseg), a deaf mute living her life with Sukhee (Purevdorj Tserendagva), a poor peasant.   Their simple life is one of mutual need and companionship.

Village headman/local party Chairman (U. Batbaatar) rapes Jinjiimaa on a visit to their humble residence shattering this simple life.  We follow the story of Jinjiimaa’s revenge on the Headman and the consequences that land Sukhee into jail.  His attempt at leading a normal life with Jinjiimaa and her illegitimate daughter after serving his sentence is blocked by the Headman’s attempt to take the little girl away while Jinjiimaa is seeking to be cured of her disability.

We follow Sukhee as he raises the girl into womanhood by himself as Jinjiimaa starts a new life believing they have been lost to her forever, only to be reunited once again.

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