One of the most famous movie genres of the Seventies was devil-themed movies with the most famous being 1973?s THE EXORCIST. The popularity of THE EXORCIST and its sequels helped spawn the CHUCKY, FRIDAY THE 13th and ALIEN franchises. It has been awhile since we’ve had an old school exorcism film so there is nothing wrong with trying to revive this horror genre. Unfortunately, THE RITE is a lousy film.


THE MECHANIC, the latest starring vehicle for balding British tough guy Jason Statham, is a remake of a 1972 Charles Bronson flick. THE MECHANIC does not refer to someone who repairs cars (although Statham’s character, Arthur Bishop, does like to tinker on a sports car as a play-on-words joke) but rather an elite assassin who works for a mysterious organization.

TOP 10 FILMS OF 2010

The year of 3D has been mainly a dud (outside of jacked up ticket prices especially for the faux-IMAX screens) – it’s the story, stupid. The best 3D film I saw is listed below (alas you’ll most likely never get to see it projected on a big screen like I did, twice). It’s adapted from the Jan Matejko painting, 10 x 17 feet, depicting the 1410 battle between the Teutonic Knights and an alliance of Poles & Lithuanians — it was the largest battle of the Middle Ages even dwarfing Agincourt.


The economic downturn that has engulfed this country since 2008 shows some signs of letup, but with the unemployment rate still hovering close to ten per cent (and that is not counting college graduates who have been unable to find a job or those who are working at minimum wage jobs despite holding sheepskins), these are tough times for a lot of folks.


CHICAGO staged at New York’s Pyramid Club featuring an animatronic trannie (sorry Cher). The most campy film released by Hollywood since SHOWGIRLS, BURLESQUE will be a big hit among gays, women and the smart men who want more than a peck on the cheek goodnight — the female visuals are more than worthy if they don’t get lucky.


Another sign that my fellow baby boomers are getting older is that this past September marked the 40th anniversary of the passing of the most famous head coach in NFL history, Vince Lombardi. This milestone has not gone unnoticed. HBO Sports and NFL Films have been working on a documentary that will air on the cable network this December. The NFL has also been instrumental in getting Lombardi’s story on Broadway as it is a major financial backer of the new play, “Lombardi,” that is based on David Maraniss’s bio, “When Pride Still Mattered” (Simon & Schuster).


New York City public transportation, once again, is getting shafted by city and state elected officials, political appointees and MTA board members. Whether lining their own pockets, their campaign coffers or kissing ass with NYC’s business elite and real estate developers, stupidity, more than corruption, rules the day. The latest moronic proposal on the table is to extend the #7 train to, of all places, New Jersey. Why? So NYC can attempt to tap into the federal dollars Governor Christie of NJ passed on to build a new rail tunnel between NY and NJ. Knowing MTA incompetence, there will be cost overruns.